Top 5 brain training games

Top 5 brain training games: The sole purpose of brain teaser apps and games is to train your mind in a way that all the work you do and the task you perform is done in a perfect and practical way.

People of all ages either adults, old or teenagers all tend to find brain training games to make improvements in their mental fitness and let them think logically. You will be shocked to know that playing training games increase mental agility and prevent brain aging

Nowadays many developers work and develop games and puzzles and brain teasers and they also claim that the brain teaser apps they developed help in improving logical reasoning, IQ, and also concentration. They also claim to be beneficial in mental health.

Adults spare their time to play these games in hours while old-age peoples free their time in minutes to play these games but these games are beneficial for both adults and teens. Benefits ripen from playing the brain training games are listed as improvement in concentration, ability to focus, helps in improving memory, and also helps in developing the organizational skills.

After a thorough review, we have collected several games which tops our list. These apps are available on both Android as well as IOS. Now it’s up to you which game to play when it comes to playing these games.

Working with your memory and improving your mental fitness can be done with the following apps so lets get right into it.

Top 5 brain training games List


brain training games

Lumosity: With over 100 million members worldwide user Lumosity tops the list. With over 50 colorful minigames this luminosity game is considered to help in building the concentration s of its players. These games are being developed with the help of over 100 plus researchers over the world and over four thousand adults found that it is very helpful when it comes to developing concentration.

Price- It’s free to download but if you want to upgrade to premium then you have to pay $11.99 per month and $60 per year.


brain training games

Elevate: Compared to Lumosity it has not 100 million users but elevate have over 10 million users and download worldwide. But it has the best app of the year of iPhone award with me as lumosity it has 40 minigames. Each game has been developed to boost math and speaking skills and also the memory and attention of its user. The app is free on android and IOS. You can also upgrade to pro by paying the extra penny.

Price: $4.99 per month and $39 per year


brain training games

Peak: The Peak had been rated by Google as one of the best Android apps of 2016 and it is also awarded by apple as the best app in the apple app store. A Peak has more than 60 mini-games to help the users improve their memory, logical reasoning, focus, concentration, language, and problem-solving.

Different universities and scientists from different locations on the globe came together to make develop this app. The most common minigame in the app is Turtle. It is a mental agility game that requires skills to make turtle cross the sea and collect jellyfish.

Its is an free to download app for both Android and IOS and comes with an 12 month subscription amoount of $34.99 per year and $4.99 per year.

CogniFit Brain Fitness

brain training games

CogniFit Brain Fitness: An app developed to develop cognitive skills and mental alertness among its player.One of the best apps among all apps we have reviewed. With different minigames developed to train more than 20 cognitive skills which include planning, hand, and eye coordination, and short term memory.

Apart from the gaming part this app also proves helpful to the researchers and professionals which can be used in order to study cognitive functions in their patients.

Brain kids

An app specially made for kids aged 7 plus. This app offers various games available for both children and parents. The available games helps the child to develop the brain. Several games which brain kids offers are connect the dots,puzzle,maths,calculation etc. Our reviews and the user reviews for this game has been positive and this app benefits the kids by various ways. This are logical reasoning development, skills development etc. We recommend this app for your kid.

All the games we have reviewed are the top 5 brain training games. You can read our recent article to get ideas about different games, puzzle, their benefit , their disadvantages etc.

Well we have not come to end discussing the whole top brain training apps thing. Now lets talk about different ways to get most benifit of this apps.

  1. Sit in a silent place
  2. Keep your social media notification off
  3. Don’t skip any step go stepwise
  4. Track your progress continuously.

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Don’t underestimate the power of this apps as we it has been scientifically proven that over mind can be trained by his apps and we can make it more productive in order to do any work effectively.

Puzzles are seen more effective than crossword to develop and train the mind in various aspects by different scientists and researchers.

Different people debate on different topics and the most common about the brain training app is Do they really work? now here are opinions of different persons depending upon their experiences and the benefit they have ripen from this apps.

Scientists have proved that brain training apps do work if you use them wisely. Dont play it as a game but take it as a challange and then see the result.

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