Top 5 horror games on the play store

Top 5 horror games: Games are now very easily played on smartphones and pc therefore along with evolving technology games are also evolving and you not need to sit in front of pc to play games. Advanced graphics being provided in phones facilitate the gaming experience of pc on the android itself.

We all know that games are very addictive and it is a very well known fact to all of us now there comes games of different varieties like puzzle games, arcade games, horror games, brain teaser games, etc.

We can play all of them depending upon the interest of ours.

Some of them are free while other are paid depending upon your pocket you can decide which game to play.

We will be now reviewing the top 5 horror games which top our list of top 5 horror games on the play store. So let’s drop-down the top 5 horror games without any delay.

Five Nights at Freddy’s series

top 5 horror puzzle

Price $2.99 each

It is the one of the most popular games in its category. This game became common after its development for Android and iOS platform. In this game you work as an security guard and try to keep yourself safe from living Robot. You escape from them by sitting here and there are five series of this games and off course not even one of them are free. Each have their own price and every game have their own scary interface.

Now let’s talk about the user experience. Every user has their own review about the game and how scary it looks to them, some call it scary whereas some don’t look at it as too scary.

Into the Dead 2

Price: Free

Into the Dead 2 is the second edition of Into the Dead. Just like the temple run game, it is an infinite run game in which you have to run as far as you can in order to survive. In the first edition, you just run in order to collect the best score but the second edition is a bit different. This series adds a narrative with multiple endings. The character in the game i.e James while surviving in the game shoots the zombies. This is a free game which can be played both on android and ios platform.

Eyes: The horror game

Price : Free/ $4.99

Number third on our list comes a Game named eyes which is categorized as a horror game. This game is developed by Paulina Pabis. While playing this game your target is to get inside the mansion and all you have to do is to collect the money and get out of it. The best thing about this game is while to collect the money there remains a dark environment that also has scary noise which makes the players nervous. Avoid touched by the ghost while collecting the money. We suggest you keep the flashlight of your phone on if you are sitting in complete darkness.

The Walking Dead Telltale series

Top 5 horror games

Price: Free

Walking dead is another horror game that lists number 4. It is from Telltale Games. It is based on a tv show and comic names by the same name. In the series of the game, there are five episodes of the storyline. You have to survive from zombies, creepy peoples, etc. The game is entertaining and as well as crepy. adventure, puzzle, hidden object are the parts of this game.


Price: Free

Top 5 horror games

Unskilled is a zombie-themed first-person shooter game. It is developed and published by Madfinger Games. It is available both in android as well as and Ios. There are a total of 300 mission and task that has to be accomplished by the player. The mission includes rescuing are locating and destroying a target. For every mission or task completed player gets a bonus(both money as well as experiences). You can also buy bonuses from real-time bucks.

So we have finally made it to list down the top 5 horror games in the row. You can play games and enjoy them and some of them are free and some of them are paid. In our next articles, we will be gonna review some more action games, running games, etc.

We hope you have liked our article and got values from our article and in our upcoming articles, we will be providing promo codes for different games and puzzles.

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