Top 5 puzzles games of all time

Top 5 puzzles games : Its Never been so easy to train our mind with fun. Puzzle is very good brain opener which is very good source to make our mind active and fresh specially in the time of pandemic.

Today we are gonna spot out top rated android and ios games which can be played in the boredom to get rid of boredom as well as to keep our mind fresh.

We have researched enough and studeid different puzzle games in order to provide you with this list of top 5 puzzle games so enjoy reading the article.

  1. All That Remains: Part 1
  2. Amanita Design
  3. Blue Wizard Digital
  4. Dear Villagers
  5. Hello Neighbor

All that Remains Part 1

It is an escape puzzle game. In this game players are born in bunker and they have to find out a way out before something bad happens to them. It offers no in-app purchases or ads. The game is fanastically devloped by the devloper.

top 5 puzzle games

There are many other escape puzzle available if you want to try them.

Amanita Design puzzle games

Amanita Design is one of the most well known publisher on google play. Their most popular game launch is Machinarium (There are three more games which are Samorost 3, Botanicula, Chuchel ). Now you will be wondering what is game all about so let me tell you that game is simple Basically you run around in the whole game to find out clues and puzzles.This is a paid game $4.99 and there are no in-app purchases after you make your purchase of the game.

top 5 puzzle games

Blue Wizard Digital

The third game in our top 5 best puzzle games comes Blue Wizard Digital. They are developer on google play store and they have their best two other game on google play store which are  Friday the 13th and Slayaway Camp . In the Slayaway camp you act as a serial killer and you avoid cops in order to remain live.You have to pay $2.99 for slayaway camp whereas you can play friday the 13 for free without paying any single penny.

Pro advice: This games are not made for children.

top 5 puzzle games

Dear Villagers

The number 4 on our list comes in our list is also a google play publisher. This publisher publishes puzzles which are unique in nature. Their most famous games are Another Lost Phone, A Normal Lost Phone, : Laura’s Story, and Bury me, my Love. In another lost phone you have to find the owner of the phone you find while walking on the street. This developer have very attractive and very interesting games to offer to its users.

top 5 puzzle games

Hello Neighbor

Now we are heading to number 5 of our Top 5 puzzles games list so number 5 comes an interesting puzzle called Hello Neighbor. Basically all we have to do in this game is to spy on our neighbor.We have to keep an eye on what he is doing thus we have to break in their house again and again. Neighbor bars our strategy and then we have find out new strategy every time we break in.

Now after we have given the detailed information about the Top 5 puzzles games. You can now easily understand and you can make your choice of playing the puzzle you like. We have also mentioned their price with their description so that you have better idea whether to purchase the game or not.

As we told you from the very beginning that we will be bringing you lots of value and lots of content in the upcoming days you can also demand any article you wish to get information on.

Whether is is crossword puzzle or whether it is cody crossword or hello Neighbor you can enhnce your skills by different means by playing out this games.

In our recent articles We have explained the benefits of Puzzle for children. Not only children adults also get benefited by playing puzzle.

How to gain focus while playing puzzle?

Work done with focus wins every race this is a very true statement. Now understand how to gain beamed focus either when you are sitting for solving an puzzle or whether you sit for an exam to write.

Step 1) Take an newspaper

Step2) Select any alphabet of your choice

Step3) Now start to circle it in evry para and every statement

Doing so you command your mind to become calm and focus on that one thing which is an beneficial position to be at.

close your eyes and You can also take few deep breath and try to focus on the inhalation and exhalation of the breath.

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